Hello beautiful.  Thanks for being here.

In today’s show, we continue our exploration of new beginnings and how to continue making changes in our lives, especially when it feels like nothing is happening.

Remember that underneath the soil of a vibrant garden are the seeds taking root.  It appears from the outside that nothing but dirt is there. Yet, beneath the surface is where the rich, fertile, vibrant life is taking form.  Think about that in your own life.  It’s your job to tend to your inner life – to take good care of your heart and soul.

Your dreams are the seeds of your life. But they need a healing foundation in which to flourish. What weeds (old thoughts, patterns and habits) are keeping your garden (dreams) from growing? What do you need to tend to? Can you let the flowers bloom in their own timing, yet still tend to the soil of your life?

That’s my inspiration for you today.


Thanks for listening!

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