In today’s show, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my conversation with Author and Conscious Parenting Coach, Catherine Weiss.

Catherine wrote the book, The Present Mother, and she is passionate about helping women grow and develop their ability to be more present, conscious, and connected with their kids and other loved ones.

Starting a family led Catherine to take her regular mindfulness practice off the yoga mat and into her mothering life. She has found great joy in the possibility of harnessing “The Power of Now” as she and her husband raise their children. She practices being present each day by using her upsets with her children as the invitation to go within and heal, grow, and empower herself and her kids.

Catherine shares a few of the awakenings she’s experienced that led her to this moment, and how that when we are triggered in our lives, those are rich opportunities to love each other and ourselves.

We will explore how we can pause, breathe and be more present, even during the challenging times, so we can experience the fullness and joy of life. We talk about tools we can practice daily to deeply listen to our intuition so we can be more available, present and connected to our Authentic Self.

There is so much goodness and powerful wisdom in this episode!  Grab your favorite drink and give yourself the time and space to soak it in.


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Thanks for listening and thanks for being you!