In this episode, we’re exploring the sweet spot between setting intentional goals, creating a vision for our future dreams and learning how to surrender and let go of always being in control.

I’m also introducing my new course, The Peaceful Planning Program!

How would you like to tap into your intuitive wisdom, unlock your potential and have bountiful opportunities flow into your life? It’s completely possible when your authentic energy is aligned with clear intentions.

in Peaceful Planning, you’ll identify what’s blocking your prosperity, get crazy clear about your values and vision, and create a peaceful plan that opens up new possibilities and brings your dreams to life.

You are a dream maker.

Somewhere along our life’s path, we learn how to suppress, hide or even fear our own magic. 

You have dreams you’re ready to discover and uncover. You want to bust through limiting fears and get clear about your life’s direction. Celebrate and embrace your magic as you move towards your dreams.

Visioning Your Path

When you feel happy, joyful and grateful in your life, you know you’re pointed in the right direction. You’ll feel empowered, excited and wildly alive as you move towards your dreams in a focused, intentional way, while letting go and surrendering to the limitless possibilities on your unique path.

The Power of Ritual

An impactful practice in feeling focused and realizing your dreams is through daily ritual. Rituals ground you, keep you centered and connect you to your intuitive, inner wisdom. In this program, you’ll create simple, sacred, daily rituals that will help you stay balanced and recharged so you can consistently and mindfully move towards your dreams.
We’ll explore this and more in today’s episode.

Enjoy the show!

Three Journal Questions to Explore as you Make Space for Your Dreams:

Put your pen to paper and without overthink, see what comes from your heart:

  1. What does your heart long for?  What do you yearn for?
  2. If you. had all the time, energy and resources, what would you want to focus on?
  3. If you fully invested in what you yearn for and what you want to focus on, how would your life change?

To learn more about my new course, visit The Peaceful Planning Program! 

Thanks for listening.  Keep believing in your dreams!