Lindsay, Matt & Brynn
No one who has ever brought up a child can doubt for a moment that love is literally the life-giving fluid of human existence. -Smiley Blanton

In my last post I wrote about mourning the loss of my children’s newborn stage, and all of a sudden I get to experience the joy that comes from holding a brand new baby all over again.  My sister had a natural, amazing, magical birth while her beautiful baby girl took her first breath this week.  Lindsay and her husband, Matt, are floating and I can see their hearts are expanding into the realm that you really only know once you become a parent.

Me with Brynn

I have been floating, too, as I’ve gotten to hold this sweet soul a little each day.  She’s so tiny.  She smells so good.  She is pure love.

And I am a very proud aunt, indeed.

Oh, the cycle of life – what a miracle.
I love this moment.

Welcome to the world, Brynn Parker.

Your Personal Reflection:  There is nothing more refreshing than watching a newborn baby see the world for the first time.  What, in your life, are you ready to see with fresh, new eyes?