My quest to reduce clutter this year kicked off with a big bang as we took several loads like this one to our neighborhood goodwill.  It felt amazing to let go of books, frames, furniture, and all those other kinds of “things” we store in our basement for whatever reason.  Although we made some great strides, our basement still feels “heavy”.  I just don’t want to hold on to anything that we don’t use regularly.  So I’m now asking myself, “does this serve a happy purpose in my life?”  If the answer is no, then why keep it?  I want the things in my life to bring me great joy.  So does keeping a stack of plates, that we might use once a year, really do that for me?  These are the questions I’ll continue to ask.

This is the last week before my e-course begins, which means I have a lot of work to do.  I’m taking a break from reducing physical clutter, and paying special attention to releasing my mental clutter.  As I find many things on my “to do” list this week, I’m needing to practice present-moment awareness, and not get caught up in multi-tasking craziness.  I must stay grounded.  I must find stillness.  I must release the tension in my shoulders.  I must breathe.  I must be quiet with my journal.  I must play.  Doing these things helps me flush out the mental clutter that can easily drain my vital energy.
This morning, I’ve decided that the best way to release some mental clutter is to turn off the computer, finish our “pamcakes”, and go out on a spontaneous adventure with this little dude. (If you saw my last post you’ll know we are ready to get out of the house!)
Before I go, I’d like to share a fun idea with you.  We created a family chalkboard for our kitchen, and it has helped me when planning meals and activities for the week. 
We took an old piece of wood, painted it with chalkboard paint and drew a monthly calendar with chalk.  This hangs near our kitchen so we can easily see what the week entails.  My husband still wants me to get my digital calendar synched with his, and I know one day I’ll get there.  However, in the meantime, I love this solution as I can draw fun pictures and cross off the days!  
Check out these inspiring posts from fellow “Reduce Clutter; Create Space Explorers” like, True North Arts, Brown Eyed Fox, and Voices in My Big Head.  There’s some amazing de-cluttering going on.   To learn more about my Reduce Clutter; Create Space challenge for 2010, click HERE.  Leave me a comment if you’d like to join us.  Let’s continue creating space for what we love most!
Your Personal Reflection:  Has the new year inspired you to take a good look at the “things” in your life?  Are you ready to let go of more to make space for all that’s important to you?