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Patience is waiting.  Not passively waiting.  That is laziness.  But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience.

~ unknown

In my last post I shared some inspiration on staying present when you want to freak out.

Today, I want to remind you of this:


The freak out moment is there to teach you.
Let it out. And listen to it.

Your freak out moment may come in the form of worrisome thoughts that keeps you up at night. Your freak out moment may be a migraine or a deep feeling of sadness or complete irritability at everything and everyone. Your freak out moment may be a lot of kicking and screaming. Your freak out moment could be obsessing over past regrets rather than moving on. Or maybe your freak out moment looks like inaction – where you feel like you just don’t care anymore.


Find some stillness.
Sit quietly.
Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and let it all out.

Notice how your body feels. Where do you feel some tension? What feelings come up from your heart? What is your mind saying?

Take another deep breath in and out. RELAX. It’s all going to be ok.


Because that freak out moment is your spirit telling you things are a little out of whack. (By the way, it happens to us all.) There is something that needs your attention. Don’t ignore it. Pay attention to it. Become an observer of your thoughts. Check-in with your body. Let those feelings out.

And once you make the connection to why you are freaking out and what you sense and feel needs to be done about it…then, my love, ease into the patience, because now that you know, – that you are deeply listening and paying attention – then you will soon know exactly what you need to do next.

In your own time.

With tenderness.
With kindness.
With love.



Slow down:

Do you rush through your day? Patience comes when you practice slowing down your pace. Savor the moment rather than rush through it. See how it feels to walk slower, breath slower, eat slower, and move slower.


Kids know how to play. We forget what playing feels like when we become adults. When’s the last time you did something that had no other purpose except – for fun? Be silly. Have a dance party. Mess around with paint or jump in the rain puddles. Kick a ball around, blow bubbles or swing. Being playful helps you be less serious and allows you to practice the patience that is needed when you aren’t producing something, being “productive” or checking something off the never-ending list.


Humor helps you relax. Laughing lightens your spirit. It brings you in touch with joy, and when you are feeling joyful, you feel more alive and free. There is a letting go and acceptance that comes with laughter, and that’s what being patient is all about.

Stay Open:

Life twists and turns. It’s ever changing and we never know what’s really going to happen day-to-day. Keep an open mind and heart so that you can be flexible with those changes. Going with the flow helps you soften when changes outside of your control happen. Ahhh…staying open to change invites patience to take hold.

Connect to your Breath:

Feeling constricted? Stressed? Overwhelmed with your present situation? STOP.
Take in your deepest breath. Then slowly, release. Let your breath out, along with any tension you feel. Nothing is more present than your own breath. Connect to your breath and feel a deep sense of presence and patience settle over you.

Get Moving:

Walk. Run. Swim. Paint. Exercise. Find some form of movement that you enjoy – and try to do it every day. Nothing helps release those stressful – I want it now – feelings than movement. Give that impatient energy a place to go and get moving.

Be Still:

We are always on the go. And before long this leaves us feeling out of touch and disconnected to what truly matters most. Give yourself a moment of stillness. (How about in the morning before your day gets going, or in the evening right before bed?) Sit quietly so you can get in touch with your true feelings. Like I mentioned above, this will help you step out of your head and into your heart so that you can discover the source of your freak out feelings. Stillness allows you to tap into the inner peace (and patience) that is always there.


Writing in a journal gives those reoccurring thoughts a safe place to go. It gets them out of your head. It also helps you organize your thoughts – so that you can feel more at ease with a plan or outline that may form from writing it out. And that creates space for clarity. When you are feeling lost or confused or frustrated about your life in this moment, get those honest feelings out on paper. You’ll be amazed at the power journaling can have – and a journal is the most patient of all friends!










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