wild flower doodle closer
I spent all last week creating the content and visuals for my upcoming workshop Play, Create, Reflect…be free!  This e-course will be offered on March 22nd as part of the creative offerings during Wish Big E-camp.  I hope you will consider joining us.  All of the courses (10 total!) and fun things planned sound simply amazing…and what a fabulous time of year to nourish your creative soul!
This is the first time…in like…forever…that I don’t have a single deadline or work project to finish up.  So I’m taking full advantage of this much needed space for a little “me time” and a lot of playtime with the boys.  Kestan and I had fun making art together today like this flower doodle.  And I’ve got a few sitters scheduled this week so I can get myself back to the yoga studio.  Ahhh….having space to breathe and be with little plans is oh so very nice…Your Personal Reflection:  Do you have enough space in your week for creative play and your own personal wellness?

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