Hello friend!

We started digital school this week. I’m really proud of my boys for giving it a try. On our first day, my middle guy was so excited, jumped right in and was very independent. My oldest son stayed off camera, but stuck with the long day of learning the online procedures.

My youngest ran around the yard and resisted starting on time. When he finally did settle, he didn’t turn on his video either, but after a few hours he relaxed and even showed his music teacher his guitar. He did tell me that he never wants to do it again. So it will be interesting to see how the rest of the week goes.

We’re all doing the best we can. One day at a time, right?

And as I see my kids learning a different type of schooling, trying new and hard things, and getting in the groove of our fall schedule, I can’t help but think about you.

I know we as women have so much on our plates right now.
So much we’re holding in our shoulders, our backs and our minds.

Whether you’re a parent or not, you are a nurturer and you care about the state of our world. I bet you feel it deeply, too.

Our energy is invaluable, and with so much change and uncertainty continuing to swirl, it’s no wonder we are feeling ungrounded, anxious and tired.

Your life force energy is vital and precious.

You not only need it to move through the tasks of the day, but it’s what keeps you feeling balanced, healthy, happy and fully alive.

It’s the source of your innate, internal power.

And if there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s guiding women to be fully in touch and connected to [their own power](https://www.shannonkinneyduh.com/thepowerofbeingyou/)!

I’m writing to introduce my brand new online opportunity: The Power of Being You – an 8-week adventure of self-discovery and energy healing.

Did you know that within each of us is the ability to awaken our dormant energy and connect to our natural intuition?

When we unblock and rebalance our energy centers, we feel more vibrantly alive. We unlock our inner vision to gain a better sense of our financial wellbeing, home life, relationships, health, life’s work and direction. We discover our true Self and are able to create a life deeply aligned with what matters most.

Understanding how to trust and access this inner wisdom, creativity, strength, compassion and courage are super powers that will heal us and change the world.

It’s time to discover that power within you!

In The Power of Being You, I will lead you through an exploration of your energy centers (the chakras), along with guided meditations, creative journaling exercises and group Reiki energy healing.

You’ll learn more about what each energy center (chakra) in the body represents and how to bring them into alignment for health and healing.

The chakras are wheels of energy within us, and when they are healthy, our vital life force energy flows through them unblocked. Each chakra is associated with certain colors, organs, emotional and physical states, elements and sounds.

Quieting your mind, opening your heart and sparking your creative spirit will help you feel more alive, more intuitive and more at peace in the moment.

Learning how to attune, connect with and be curious about your life force energy is the foundation of self-healing, true abundance and the authentic power that comes from being YOU.

The Power of Being You – an 8-week online adventure of self-discovery & energy healing.

September 24th – November 12th, 2020


Early bird registration is now open and it would be an honor to share this special experience with you.

See the video below for more details and let me know if you have any questions!

Keep taking good care of yourself during these life-altering times.