In today’s show, I am so excited to share this lovely conversation with Theta Healer and Business Coach, Amelia Critchlow.

Amelia is the creator of Soul Space Healers.  She’s an intuitive healer and experienced coach who has a deep passion for helping you break free of the mental, emotional and energetic blocks that keep you from seeing how powerful you are.

Amelia shares how the modality of Theta Healing® can clear the body of the self-sabotaging beliefs that keep you from living your most authentic and prosperous life. She believes true abundance is your birthright.

Amelia leads her signature program, Passion to Profit, where she guides service based teachers, healers and heart-centered solopreneurs how to make a profitable business doing what they love so they can share their gifts with the world.  Amelia has a gift of merging practical business strategies with the intuitive healing modality of Theta Healing® to make lasting, impactful changes to your business and to your life.

This is a beautiful episode full of enthusiasm, inspiration and wisdom.

We encourage you to look at your own life.  What page in your life’s story did you turn to today?  This is a new moment – a fresh, clean slate.  You have an opportunity to pause, to learn something new, to think a new thought and to dream a new version of your dream – and it starts right now.


Visit Amelia’s website, Soul Space Healers, to learn more about her Passion to Profit Online Program and her 1:1 Theta Healing® Sessions.  You can follow her on Instagram here.  Make sure to join her free, private Facebook group here.

Thank you for listening and thank you for being you.