So I mentioned that I had a little “spill” the other night.  Well, as my brother puts it, I basically karate-chopped a balloon, and let’s just say the balloon won.  These socks are the culprit, I tell you!  Note to self: If you ever feel the urge to jump high off the ground to kick a birthday balloon into oblivion, than please do NOT do it wearing these socks on slippery hardwood floors again.  Ever.  Your butt thanks you.

My crash landing resulted in an extremely bruised tailbone and two sore wrists. And I’m talking really sore.  Like, I couldn’t even squeeze out toothpaste, or brush my hair, or change a diaper (although, I didn’t miss that as much). I haven’t experienced that kind of physical pain since a ski accident several years ago.

The reason I’m telling you this is that I have discovered a whole new respect for my wrists.  These little joints do so much activity in one day, and I’ve never paid much attention to them. So I find it appropriate that the Creative Every Day theme for January happens to be about the “body.”  I couldn’t resist doing a quick journal page to pay respect and tribute to my wrists.  I have learned that they pull, twist, turn, hug, lift, love, express, reach, expand, dance, hold and help me move through my day with ease.

I celebrate you, wrists, and thank you for ALL you do for me.  Happy healing.

Your Personal Reflection: When’s the last time you really noticed all the amazing, subtle things your body does on a daily basis?  Take some time to be present, to notice, and to deeply look at your body.  Go ahead…no one’s watching…give yourself a hug and tell your body “thanks!”

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